ODESUR in DecaAmérica

By Néstor Calixto

XII South American Games, Asunción 2022.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that DecaAmérica has just published its page dedicated exclusively to the South American Games, a multi-sport competition that has been organized, since 1978, uninterruptedly every four years. In 2022 the games arrive for the first time in history to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.

Here you can find a gallery with the champions of all the editions, the records of the Games and a section dedicated to the next edition, that will be disputed between October 12 and 15 of 2022.

All the statistics that we publish regularly can be downloaded directly from the 2022 Edition section: Ideal Deca and Hepta, PB of all competitors, national records of all participating countries and projections.

On this occasion we have added, in an unprecedented and unique format, the historical results of all the editions of the Games, which can be consulted by simply clicking on the year of the edition. You can also enjoy an equally unprecedented list of all the athletes who have competed in the Decathlon or Heptathlon throughout the history of these South American Games.

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