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Bienvenidos a DecaAmérica (en Español)

We offer an innovate approach to analyzing track and field combined events. Bringing together powerful statistical tools, we wish to show the world the diverse statistics derived from the Decathlon and Heptathlon.

My Japanese friend and colleague, Yoshiaki (Yoshi) Oikawa, has dedicated a lifetime to compiling rankings of track and field combined events. However, Yoshi doesn’t simply track common statistics—instead, he focuses his analysis on individual events in the Decathlon and Heptathlon. Yoshi’s statistics also offer us broader historic trends, whether that be by event day or event type (races, jumps, and throws), as well as a never-before-seen statistic: the chronological progression of world records in each event in the Decathlon and Heptathlon, in which we have worked together.

Yoshi is a member of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians (ATFS) and is very generously sharing his excellent and detailed work on combined events with the world.

In addition to Yoshi’s work, the website provides many other statistics on combined events. I am working on an unprecedented format of the historic results and statistics of competitions including the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, and of course, exclusive Decathlon and Heptathlon events, including Götzis, Talence, Multistars, Arona, Ratingen, and more.

Over time, we will add new tools that will be of use and interest to our visitors, including our Blog where we will publish the latest updates and news in the world of combined events. If there are any new records that impact Yoshi’s lists, they will appear here.

In addition, Yoshi will update his statistics three to four times a year to reflect the most recent competition results in combined events.

Navigating our site is very simple. Just follow the options in our menu to navigate to your desired statistic. Each time we add new functions or entries to our site, you will find the corresponding page in our menu shortly after. We will also announce each new entry with a post on our Blog.

We sincerely hope you enjoy DecaAmerica, a new and innovative approach to the world of statistical analysis in track and field combined events.

Néstor Calixto
Director and Editor