Great discovery

By Yoshiaki Oikawa

Hello members

It is a big surprise for all Combined Events fans! Just a week ago I have received amazement mail from German, Carsten Everts, who is Decathlon mania and would know my address through Decathlon2000 site.

There I can find hidden stats in old days. In 1977 GDR’s thrower Armin Lemme established 56.18m in discus at Decathlon competition. If it should be true, his mark must treat as World Decathlon Best (WDB)!

Therefore, I try to confirm his mark and situation around the competition with several sources. Eventually I found it is real so decided to put it at the top of all time individual list.

<One piece of evidence: GDR Club all time Decathlon list>

Well, why have combined events statisticians and famous sources overlooked until now?

I think they did not notice it because it was local meeting in Magdeburg with low Deca score (6697h) or they might ignore the mark according to their list’s limit of 7000/8000 points.

Anyway, this is historical finding, which we want to share with the world.

Lemme’s lifetime stats

<PB: SP 19.72m (’82); DT 68.50m (’82). Honors: 82 EURCh 4th (63.94m); 81 WCp 1st (66.38m); 81 WUG 1st (65.90)>

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