Guy Drut, from Olympic Champion to a great Decathlon in Talence 1976

By Néstor Calixto (photos by Michel André)

In Talence 1976, the first edition of Décastar (which by the way, was not called that yet), the great star of the meeting was the French Guy Drut, the 110m hurdles Olympic Champion in Montreal 1976, only one month and a few days previous to his first (and unique) incursion in the Decathlon.

Here we want to share with all of you these incredible images, published in the French press days after the meeting.

In addition to being a great tribute to the fierce competitor that Drut was, it is a fantastic memory of the atmosphere of that first combined events meeting, in Talence, which was the embryo of what is today the great Décastar.

To give you an idea of the level of that first edition, the winner was the Soviet Aleksandr Grebenyuk with a mark of 8468 points, higher than the European record and, in fourth place, finished none other than Daley Thomson, who at 18 years surpassed the junior world junior record (U20) with 7905.

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