DecaAmerica – a world of statistics of Combined Events

Por Néstor Calixto

Yoshi Oikawa

Today, we begin a unique journey into the statistics of combined events.

Two colleagues who live and breathe these events, my good friend Yoshiaki Oikawa and yours truly, Néstor Calixto.

We commence this journey with these great and innovative compilations prepared by Yoshi, which are not in any way common, but rather a different perspective into all the stats generated by Decathlon and Heptathlon.

Additionally, we have prepared together the progression of the best results, by event, for combined events – a never-before-seen statistic.

Everything is just a click away, surfing through the menu of our new website,

Néstor Calixto

We invite followers of track and field to visit and contribute to this effort to showcase a part of the history of the sport that has never been told before.

Soon, we will add new content to what we hope will become the future of DecaAmérica.

Today, August 21, 2022, DecaAmérica goes live.

Enjoy and let us know what you think! All are welcome.

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